Sunday, January 5, 2014

Girls Love Mirrors

Im back with nothing other than a hair update.
So my pervious post I gave a briefing on my hair damage. So in start of the new year and one month away from my one year NaturalVersary(anniversary) I went and got my much needed trim.
I went to Carol's Daughter Mirrors Salon in Harlem.
The salon was beautiful.

The area behind me(in the photo) is the front door and retail area. I was the first person to arrive. The salon opens at10 a.m. My stylist Rae came in right after me and the show was on the road.
Before beginning I was giving a form of about 7 questions to fill out that gives your stylist some insight on your hair. 

After completing the form she went through the specs on my hair the:
Scalp Analysis 
Density Evaluation
Porosity Test
Elasticity Test
Healthy Haircare Plan (which is given to you after everything is done)
Signature Style, Cut & Color Blueprint

This is a random photo of me when I first got there. I love this salon it's cozy, smells A-MAZING and the music was on point.
After all the checkpoints she took me right over to the sink area where she first sprayed their Scalp spray which felt really good. My stylist decided to use this first since I had told her my scalp had been feeling a little dry and itchy due to the cold weather.
This is why they are called Mirrors. How cool is this!?

After rinsing that out she used their Black Vanilla Moisturizing Shampoo which really did the job, my hair was very soft during and after the shampoo which I loved. My scalp was very happy after that spray and shampoo. Following the shampoo she then applied The Black Vanilla hair duo.

With these two she just conditioned my hair twice the sulfate free one was used after the shampoo and then she used the second bottle to massage my scalp with.

Then she applied the Leave in Conditioner and sent me over to the steamer. 

Under the steamer I was offered a cup of tea. Yes! They have a perfect little tea station.
I had some Lemon tea (could have used more sugar but whatever, LOL.

Following the steam treatment; which left my hair uber soft but had me feeling like I had no more forehead skin left (it's hot as hell under that thing. I would say worse than a hooded dryer)

I went into the styling chair where she started on (drumroll please) MY TRIM! 
Check out that almond shape my hair has. HA! I thought that was funny. I was a little nervous that she would have been trimming my hair while wet but she said that she could still see even while my hair was wet where my ends were damaged. She didn't cut off too much at all. She basically got off all the dry ends without giving me and unasked for hair cut. 'Hey Rae.' 

I was going for a regular twist out but when I saw she had perm rods in various sizes I opted for that since I had never had that style before. Rae was rather quick with roding my hair I must say. As me, her and my friend (who accompanied me) were in deep conversation she was done with the rods before I knew it.

I get super sleepy under dryers, all that warm air makes me want to grab a blanket and doze off.

She prepared my hair for the heat with some Macadamia Heat Protection Serum. And set my hair for rolling using their Macadamia Heat Setting Foam.

I made a mistaken and deleted the finished product photo from my phone :/ But I have a video of it on my youtube channel briefly showing what it looked like. For me I wasn't crazy over it because it was too shrunken and very tight since it was just done. I like my hair big, big, big but she told me to let it progress on it's own. For taking down the curls she used Healthy Hair Butter  which smelled like a million dollars. Okay, not really but it has a pleasant smell that I loved. The hair butter was the only thing I needed on my Healthy Hair Plan because it would combat my dry scalp. 
For my edges she applied their Hold and Control Smoother.

I must say I really liked their products although I brought something from their company before that I really didn't like. But I didn't think twice about going to the salon or using the products again.
I think I may invest in their stuff. 

Overall I liked the salon, the stylish and the products. Again I was crazy over the style but I got what I asked for because a few days later I combed the curls out and I LOVED my trim. It came out good and it gave my hair a pretty nice shape that I just adore. Stay tuned for the post of my 'post trim update'.

Make sure to check out the products you won't be disappointed (I believe) and if you have been to or are planning to go to Mirrors let me know how your experience was. 

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