Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Aliexpress Malaysian Kinky Curly Hair Experience

Ok so I'm coming up on one month of having my sew in installed.
And baby, my scalp is itching so much.
I actually just have an itchy scalp even if I make love to my scalp it will still itch lol.
And tea tree does not work for me.

Anyhow I loveeeee this Kinky Curly hair.
What I love the most though is my high ponytail.
After my second week I started experimenting with high ponytail and I fell in love.
Since the weather has been so hot (duh, it's summer) my high pony has been my go-to.

Okay so,
I ordered my hair from the infamous, and I paid $108 for both bundles.
The seller was very helpful  and she was very easy to talk with. I had emailed her back and forth two months before I had actually made my purchase.

I've been doing this virgin hair thing for awhile so I know how to work my way around being jerked.
So according to what I wanted, I got a 6mm curl size instead of 4mm which is the normal.
Oh and I order two 14' inch bundles, and this hair gets big. The hair must have took five days to get to me.

With my busy schedule it felt like it came in the mail so quickly.
The hair is a natural brown which was sooo light compared to my hair, I was shocked and scared about blending but it turned out looking pretty nice.

The first day right after getting it done it blended sooo perfectly.
My leave out was blow dried on cold air. Then after that it got harder and harder to blend. So some days I would just stretch my hair lift a piece of the extension and pin it under there.
Leading to the reason why I like my puff, because all my leave out is covered.

Anyway. The first week it was soooooo soft I could run my fingers through it.
I never wore it in its natural state only the night it was installed.
So I was impressed that I could run my fingers through my twist outs with ease.
Then the second week came and it felt like a ton of product was my hair so I washed, co washed and deep conditioned and it went back to feeling soft but, my styles looked a bit different.

Then I realized it was the hair was getting old. I was a little upset because it had only been a week. Like really?
So whatever I dealt with it. Then it started to liven it up and start to grow on me with the old look, it appeared even more natural than week one.

My leave out remained the issue though because I did not want to keep blow drying my hair every wk.
So the conclusion. I love the hair, I do recommend, and hell yes I will buy again.
I'm actually getting another two bundles because I want to get the hair straightened and do more styles, and oh add some color.
Awesome hair! (In my opinion)