Thursday, June 20, 2013

Picture That

So after my first collage making episode I felt the doing another but this one is just about the styles that I've rocked the most over my four months of being natural.

Of course they all look similar because they really are LOL!
All twist and twist outs. The first and second picture is when I first got a shape up that gave me a sense of confidence to wear my hair out publicly.
Yes! I wore a hat for about a month and a half when I went out. Thank goodness for the winter.

My poof was an old twist out that I brushed up and the photo of the phone in front of my face is a wash day 'pick out' that's when I realized my hair was truly growing. Since I don't post alot of photos I might just do a post like this so the catch up of photo spam is all in one place :-)
Hope you all enjoy this. Entry about my Kinky Curly hair coming soon.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo Post

Hey now! So I'm here with some photos. Before that, I must mention that I did go with my summer style ; protective style and I love it!

Up until my install my hair was doing fine and styling was pretty easy. I pretty much did my normal co wash day routine of just doing a twist out on wet hair and then 're-doing the twist for the next day.

Picking it out to a curly fro. I did do a hot oil treatment, protein treatment and 30 minute deep condition before the install.

The photos below are nothing crazy just a little and I mean little. Lol, recap of my relaxed to big chop/natural hair thus far.

Photo 1: My hair after growing out from chin length.
Photo 2: A failed attempt at a braid out.
Photo 3: The day I bc'ed.
Photo 4: My hair picked out on wash day a month or two after big chop.
Photo 5: My fake wash and go in May.
Photo 6: My once again fake wash and go in June (Month Four. I had miss counted a few post back.)