Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Long Time No Post

Yes, it is almost a new year, a week away and I've come to post just one last time for the old year of my new journey.
And boy what a journey it has been.
I am so excited to be almost at my one year mark.
I can't say I had a ton of fun with styling because I honestly didn't do much but I did however have a good amount of 'good hair days' and a huge amount of the bad. 
I didn't look back to see my last post but I know it was some time ago.

My hair has defiantly gotten bigger, I say bigger and not longer because I see it bigger not really longer. You know how natural hair grows. Well, always. It did what it was supposed to do.
However around two months ago I become obsessed with the idea that I was in need of a trim.
I took to my trusty Youtube and I started watching ladies who demonstrated how they did their trims.
So I washed my hair, pulled out my clippers and got to work.

I did a great job. There were no more long pieces at the end just prefect curls if you will.
A week later I noticed that the ends of my hair felt completely different. Nothing like how it had been feeling the whole few months prior to my trim experience. So I washed my hair as usual moisturizing and sealing more effectively and... My problem was solved.
So I thought.

Since that week, two months ago I didn't realize, notice or suspect any change in my hair.
Last month my ends felt dry again. So I opted for a deep condition treatment along with a protein treatment. After washing since I was just over the whole styling idea I braided my hair in two big braids and did that for the next 3 weeks.

A few days ago maybe five I washed my hair again. Note: I wash my hair once every week or once every two weeks if I'm busy.
When taking my hair out of it's previous braids I realized that horrible feeling on my ends again this time it felt WORSE! I panicked. I knew something was wrong. So I took a moment and looked at my ends. Before the feeling was just at the tip of my hair. Now it had traveled up at least 2 inches of hair some parts even more, my hair feels horrible. I am so, so, so disappointed with this set back.

Now, trying to figure out the cause is bothering me. Did I trim incorrectly, was my clippers to dull, should I have trimmed off more? So many questions and not many answers that I can answer on my own. So my lesson learned is. Never take matters into your own hands. It is a journey so there will be mistakes and although I am most certainly upset with the set back since I was just coming up on one year I am happy it happened now.

I also noticed the lack of shape and how fine my hair was (very see through at the ends) and I despised that so as a result of the set back and the shape that I lack. I am going to cut my hair. Another big chop if you will but it will be styled not as short as an original big chop. I'm pouting as I type. I cannot believe this. Until next time.

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