Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby Bye

Know when something isn't for you, and make sure you don't make the same mistake twice.
Well that's not good advice because if your like me, you have to let the dog bite you two times before you realize how much it hurts.
To the point. I got my box braids that I was literally dying for and now I wish I didn't.
My braids were hella long, down to my butt crack. Really.
And the tugging was giving me the creeps. As the weeks went on I knew I had to take them out soon.

I took them out last night and my edge hairs has thinned out. Again.
This is not good for me. At all.
I just came from no edge land and I wasn't try a go back.

There was so much hair in my hands from my head overall as I washed it surprised I still I have hair left. I'm not sure if it was normal or not.
I loved that style though.

Beauty is pain. Pain is beauty.

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