Thursday, June 20, 2013

Picture That

So after my first collage making episode I felt the doing another but this one is just about the styles that I've rocked the most over my four months of being natural.

Of course they all look similar because they really are LOL!
All twist and twist outs. The first and second picture is when I first got a shape up that gave me a sense of confidence to wear my hair out publicly.
Yes! I wore a hat for about a month and a half when I went out. Thank goodness for the winter.

My poof was an old twist out that I brushed up and the photo of the phone in front of my face is a wash day 'pick out' that's when I realized my hair was truly growing. Since I don't post alot of photos I might just do a post like this so the catch up of photo spam is all in one place :-)
Hope you all enjoy this. Entry about my Kinky Curly hair coming soon.

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