Monday, June 10, 2013

And around and around we go

The last time I posted I mentioned that my hair was not complying with me and really it wasn't.
However I'm one of those people who; not talk before they think but post before they figure it out LOL.

So Since the 19th of May. Actually approximately three days after that post I found something new to do.
My jumbo box braids didn't happen of course.
But I decided to revisit a product that I brought when I first big chopped and I HATED it.

It is the Taliah Wajib Curl Cream.
When I first used it back in February it felt weird in my hair and it didn't do anything to it.
When I revisited the product it still felt weird in my hair. 
Sort of like how a pan with water and oil in it feels....Yea.
BUT it made my curls pop and I mean POP!
So what I ended up calling it was a 'Fake Wash and Go' because I spritzed my whole head and then raked the curl cream in like people do with ECO styler gel and wow.

I have a photo but my hand was a little shaky it looks blurry so I don't think I will post.
But I said to myself this is what I will do from now on. 
But I didn't. LOL.
I realized I would end up using the little jar up in no time and plus I wasn't getting good second day hair and that was a no no for me.

So on the 28th I decided to wash my hair and since I was all out Shea butter I twisted my hair for a twist out using the Taliah Wajib. The next day I took my twist out, out for work and instead of separating all the way like I usually do I did it half way. 

Of course I loved it. so after wearing that for awhile I pick it out into a half curly end fro.
It was amazing and now that's what I've been loving.

However I gave into the beautiful textures of Kinky Curly hair and protective styling and I challenge myself to wear a sew in for the summer.
Well I plan to wear it for at least two months or a month and half so I've probably protective style until September as long as I don't get bored. (Hopefully I don't)

Details on the hair and where I got it from when I receive my package.

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