Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feeling Like New

I love blogging about my hair because it shows the emotions of a human being.
Seriously most of the time I write and I won't over read or read over my last post. 
However before writing this one, I read the first line of my last post and I laughed so hard. 
I was really fed up with my hair a few days ago. 

On the fourth of this month. While I sat in my car alone I thought to myself 'maybe I should get a shape-up.' As simple as that thought was I said to myself, if I get my hair line shaped up it will probably give my twa the 'jazz up' I needed. And surely it did.

The fifth I took to the streets like it was nobodies business. I loved it. I must admit I was more than nervous to step out with such short lengths but the outcome was great. I got lots of stares but most people just looked as if they wanted to say 'she looks nice with that short do.' 
But of course no one said a word. And that was cool with me because I was feeling myself. 

Monday was my back to work day. I usually alwaysssss wear a hat at work but since yesterday was so warm I knew I couldn't get away with my wool cover up. I separated my finger twist before work and went to take on my day. Boy was I shocked at the feedback I received, Co workers loved it, people that didn't know me loved it. And more than one person asked If I had done my hair myself. Although I was confused with the question since I didn't know if they meant the big chop or the style I just answered both LOL.

One lady even said to me 'oh my God, you look beautiful, keep your hair like this, No more hats.' I laughed so hard. It felt good to get some positive feedback even though we are not suppose to care what people think of us. We all are human. 

Here nor there I am loving my hair since the shape up and since I actually took the time to finger coil my hair. Might I say I do not enjoy the hour and forty minutes it takes to complete, I love to look good. So I gotta take the good with the bad :-)

Until next time people, Happy Blogging.

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