Sunday, March 31, 2013

One day away from Three months Natural

I went in a hidden place, but it was for the good. 
Besides the obvious, I been feeling really down about my hair. Before I went natural I did what most transistioners on. I looked at hair pictures day in and day out and hoped for my hair to be as curly as the next natural.

Well I see why it isn't good to do that. When I first chopped like always I couldn't get a curl. Then I went out and brought ECO styling gel, You know, the olive oil one every one swears by.
After co-washing I would throw that all threw my hair and watch it dry and curl up. As of lately that gel has not been working for me as easy as before and that damn gel has been flaky and leaving all kinds of white residue all in my hair and I HATE that.

So I got fed up and not to mention I don't want my money being spent in the direction of hair products nor am I trying to run out of space to store my products so I don't buy a lot of them. Since being natural (doing my big chop on feb 1st.) I brought seven products and two of those seven I brought today. The average girl would probably has twice as much LOL.

Anyhow my hair when wet doesn't really show any wave or curly but the ends do curls at certain sections. But Boy OH Boy when I throw that conditioner in, Babyyy I get curls galore. But I think any hair type would curl up with conditioner in it, Right? Anyway.

I go to work wearing a hat, I go out wearing a hat, and when I'm going out out, I wear a wig.
I cant get my hair to look moisturized, It doesn't curl up with just applying gel, and it seems like I can only get a curl when I finger curl and my, might I say I don't feel to do that too often.

Where's my confidence? I thought I was going to be ready to bust out the door and be feeling myself. LOL But, no it hasn't happened yet. However I still have time. I haven't brought any hair accessories or did eye shadow or anything so...Pray for me. Until next time. 

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