Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Long Time No Post

Yes, it is almost a new year, a week away and I've come to post just one last time for the old year of my new journey.
And boy what a journey it has been.
I am so excited to be almost at my one year mark.
I can't say I had a ton of fun with styling because I honestly didn't do much but I did however have a good amount of 'good hair days' and a huge amount of the bad. 
I didn't look back to see my last post but I know it was some time ago.

My hair has defiantly gotten bigger, I say bigger and not longer because I see it bigger not really longer. You know how natural hair grows. Well, always. It did what it was supposed to do.
However around two months ago I become obsessed with the idea that I was in need of a trim.
I took to my trusty Youtube and I started watching ladies who demonstrated how they did their trims.
So I washed my hair, pulled out my clippers and got to work.

I did a great job. There were no more long pieces at the end just prefect curls if you will.
A week later I noticed that the ends of my hair felt completely different. Nothing like how it had been feeling the whole few months prior to my trim experience. So I washed my hair as usual moisturizing and sealing more effectively and... My problem was solved.
So I thought.

Since that week, two months ago I didn't realize, notice or suspect any change in my hair.
Last month my ends felt dry again. So I opted for a deep condition treatment along with a protein treatment. After washing since I was just over the whole styling idea I braided my hair in two big braids and did that for the next 3 weeks.

A few days ago maybe five I washed my hair again. Note: I wash my hair once every week or once every two weeks if I'm busy.
When taking my hair out of it's previous braids I realized that horrible feeling on my ends again this time it felt WORSE! I panicked. I knew something was wrong. So I took a moment and looked at my ends. Before the feeling was just at the tip of my hair. Now it had traveled up at least 2 inches of hair some parts even more, my hair feels horrible. I am so, so, so disappointed with this set back.

Now, trying to figure out the cause is bothering me. Did I trim incorrectly, was my clippers to dull, should I have trimmed off more? So many questions and not many answers that I can answer on my own. So my lesson learned is. Never take matters into your own hands. It is a journey so there will be mistakes and although I am most certainly upset with the set back since I was just coming up on one year I am happy it happened now.

I also noticed the lack of shape and how fine my hair was (very see through at the ends) and I despised that so as a result of the set back and the shape that I lack. I am going to cut my hair. Another big chop if you will but it will be styled not as short as an original big chop. I'm pouting as I type. I cannot believe this. Until next time.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Baby Bye

Know when something isn't for you, and make sure you don't make the same mistake twice.
Well that's not good advice because if your like me, you have to let the dog bite you two times before you realize how much it hurts.
To the point. I got my box braids that I was literally dying for and now I wish I didn't.
My braids were hella long, down to my butt crack. Really.
And the tugging was giving me the creeps. As the weeks went on I knew I had to take them out soon.

I took them out last night and my edge hairs has thinned out. Again.
This is not good for me. At all.
I just came from no edge land and I wasn't try a go back.

There was so much hair in my hands from my head overall as I washed it surprised I still I have hair left. I'm not sure if it was normal or not.
I loved that style though.

Beauty is pain. Pain is beauty.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Aliexpress Malaysian Kinky Curly Hair Experience

Ok so I'm coming up on one month of having my sew in installed.
And baby, my scalp is itching so much.
I actually just have an itchy scalp even if I make love to my scalp it will still itch lol.
And tea tree does not work for me.

Anyhow I loveeeee this Kinky Curly hair.
What I love the most though is my high ponytail.
After my second week I started experimenting with high ponytail and I fell in love.
Since the weather has been so hot (duh, it's summer) my high pony has been my go-to.

Okay so,
I ordered my hair from the infamous, and I paid $108 for both bundles.
The seller was very helpful  and she was very easy to talk with. I had emailed her back and forth two months before I had actually made my purchase.

I've been doing this virgin hair thing for awhile so I know how to work my way around being jerked.
So according to what I wanted, I got a 6mm curl size instead of 4mm which is the normal.
Oh and I order two 14' inch bundles, and this hair gets big. The hair must have took five days to get to me.

With my busy schedule it felt like it came in the mail so quickly.
The hair is a natural brown which was sooo light compared to my hair, I was shocked and scared about blending but it turned out looking pretty nice.

The first day right after getting it done it blended sooo perfectly.
My leave out was blow dried on cold air. Then after that it got harder and harder to blend. So some days I would just stretch my hair lift a piece of the extension and pin it under there.
Leading to the reason why I like my puff, because all my leave out is covered.

Anyway. The first week it was soooooo soft I could run my fingers through it.
I never wore it in its natural state only the night it was installed.
So I was impressed that I could run my fingers through my twist outs with ease.
Then the second week came and it felt like a ton of product was my hair so I washed, co washed and deep conditioned and it went back to feeling soft but, my styles looked a bit different.

Then I realized it was the hair was getting old. I was a little upset because it had only been a week. Like really?
So whatever I dealt with it. Then it started to liven it up and start to grow on me with the old look, it appeared even more natural than week one.

My leave out remained the issue though because I did not want to keep blow drying my hair every wk.
So the conclusion. I love the hair, I do recommend, and hell yes I will buy again.
I'm actually getting another two bundles because I want to get the hair straightened and do more styles, and oh add some color.
Awesome hair! (In my opinion)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Picture That

So after my first collage making episode I felt the doing another but this one is just about the styles that I've rocked the most over my four months of being natural.

Of course they all look similar because they really are LOL!
All twist and twist outs. The first and second picture is when I first got a shape up that gave me a sense of confidence to wear my hair out publicly.
Yes! I wore a hat for about a month and a half when I went out. Thank goodness for the winter.

My poof was an old twist out that I brushed up and the photo of the phone in front of my face is a wash day 'pick out' that's when I realized my hair was truly growing. Since I don't post alot of photos I might just do a post like this so the catch up of photo spam is all in one place :-)
Hope you all enjoy this. Entry about my Kinky Curly hair coming soon.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo Post

Hey now! So I'm here with some photos. Before that, I must mention that I did go with my summer style ; protective style and I love it!

Up until my install my hair was doing fine and styling was pretty easy. I pretty much did my normal co wash day routine of just doing a twist out on wet hair and then 're-doing the twist for the next day.

Picking it out to a curly fro. I did do a hot oil treatment, protein treatment and 30 minute deep condition before the install.

The photos below are nothing crazy just a little and I mean little. Lol, recap of my relaxed to big chop/natural hair thus far.

Photo 1: My hair after growing out from chin length.
Photo 2: A failed attempt at a braid out.
Photo 3: The day I bc'ed.
Photo 4: My hair picked out on wash day a month or two after big chop.
Photo 5: My fake wash and go in May.
Photo 6: My once again fake wash and go in June (Month Four. I had miss counted a few post back.)

Monday, June 10, 2013

And around and around we go

The last time I posted I mentioned that my hair was not complying with me and really it wasn't.
However I'm one of those people who; not talk before they think but post before they figure it out LOL.

So Since the 19th of May. Actually approximately three days after that post I found something new to do.
My jumbo box braids didn't happen of course.
But I decided to revisit a product that I brought when I first big chopped and I HATED it.

It is the Taliah Wajib Curl Cream.
When I first used it back in February it felt weird in my hair and it didn't do anything to it.
When I revisited the product it still felt weird in my hair. 
Sort of like how a pan with water and oil in it feels....Yea.
BUT it made my curls pop and I mean POP!
So what I ended up calling it was a 'Fake Wash and Go' because I spritzed my whole head and then raked the curl cream in like people do with ECO styler gel and wow.

I have a photo but my hand was a little shaky it looks blurry so I don't think I will post.
But I said to myself this is what I will do from now on. 
But I didn't. LOL.
I realized I would end up using the little jar up in no time and plus I wasn't getting good second day hair and that was a no no for me.

So on the 28th I decided to wash my hair and since I was all out Shea butter I twisted my hair for a twist out using the Taliah Wajib. The next day I took my twist out, out for work and instead of separating all the way like I usually do I did it half way. 

Of course I loved it. so after wearing that for awhile I pick it out into a half curly end fro.
It was amazing and now that's what I've been loving.

However I gave into the beautiful textures of Kinky Curly hair and protective styling and I challenge myself to wear a sew in for the summer.
Well I plan to wear it for at least two months or a month and half so I've probably protective style until September as long as I don't get bored. (Hopefully I don't)

Details on the hair and where I got it from when I receive my package.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

TWA Trouble

Hi, guys. Since my last post I've been in hair hell. Yes that's right ; I've hit that, 'I don't know what's wrong with my hair' stage.

But, I have not been liking the way my hair has been coming out lately.
Of course everyone around me thinks it looks dope but the opinion that really matters is mine.

I've been so down. And being that I am only in the the twa phase there's not much styles knocking on my door.

These twist outs just aren't looking how they did when I first started. I decided on jumbo box braids. I like the uninformed, not so neat look.
But knowing me I might not keep it in long so paying anywhere between 130 and 160 is outta the question.

I don't have time to do it myself between work, and being a mommy :)

I get on YouTube and see the same old b.s. hairstyles.
Some people trying new things with their twa and it actually comes out looking like slept on hair. Boy, oh boy. What's a girl to do.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Feeling Like New

I love blogging about my hair because it shows the emotions of a human being.
Seriously most of the time I write and I won't over read or read over my last post. 
However before writing this one, I read the first line of my last post and I laughed so hard. 
I was really fed up with my hair a few days ago. 

On the fourth of this month. While I sat in my car alone I thought to myself 'maybe I should get a shape-up.' As simple as that thought was I said to myself, if I get my hair line shaped up it will probably give my twa the 'jazz up' I needed. And surely it did.

The fifth I took to the streets like it was nobodies business. I loved it. I must admit I was more than nervous to step out with such short lengths but the outcome was great. I got lots of stares but most people just looked as if they wanted to say 'she looks nice with that short do.' 
But of course no one said a word. And that was cool with me because I was feeling myself. 

Monday was my back to work day. I usually alwaysssss wear a hat at work but since yesterday was so warm I knew I couldn't get away with my wool cover up. I separated my finger twist before work and went to take on my day. Boy was I shocked at the feedback I received, Co workers loved it, people that didn't know me loved it. And more than one person asked If I had done my hair myself. Although I was confused with the question since I didn't know if they meant the big chop or the style I just answered both LOL.

One lady even said to me 'oh my God, you look beautiful, keep your hair like this, No more hats.' I laughed so hard. It felt good to get some positive feedback even though we are not suppose to care what people think of us. We all are human. 

Here nor there I am loving my hair since the shape up and since I actually took the time to finger coil my hair. Might I say I do not enjoy the hour and forty minutes it takes to complete, I love to look good. So I gotta take the good with the bad :-)

Until next time people, Happy Blogging.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

2 in 1

So as always I'm having some serious hair issues. I want to tuck my hair away. As in my last post I stated I couldn't wear a hat forever and I really can't. So I was on youtube and ran across a phenomenal hair stylist that goes by the name Honey Hand.

She does amazingggg techniques. I literary want to take a trip to the UK to visit her for my next do.
Don't believe me just Watch.

Yea I just used my Trindad James voice hehehe.
But seriously this girl got skills, two things ran through my mind while watching this.
1. Dang, I gotta find someone who can copy this work.
2. Aw Hell I should just practice and do it myself.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of HAIR, hair styling, and taking care of hair.
Most people and also myself thought I should attend beauty school based off my love for the field but, it's more of a hobby for me. I don't think I need to licenses my hands to do hair out my home as a side hustle, Can I get a, Amen!

So anyway back to the topic. I have so many styles I want to try. I just need to figure out which style I'm actually going to do.
Didn't I mention I brought two need products. One was the Aussie Moist Leave in spray.
And the other was the infamous Cantu Leave in Repair Cream.
Last night I co-washed on four day hair with the Aussie Moist Conditioner (can you tell i'm feeling Aussie)  then I just used a towel to soak up the drip but I didn't dry my hair I left it damp. Sprayed the Leave in all over my hair then took a nice sized amount of the Leave in creme and rubbed it all over my hair.

I felt a change as soon as I did both. My hair was soft and fluffy feeling even after it had dried. Not to mention when I slept (on it all dried) it did not mat to my head nor did I wake up feeling like my hair was a rug. I'm not sure which one did the job but I loveee the combination and will defiantly be two of my staple products.

One day away from Three months Natural

I went in a hidden place, but it was for the good. 
Besides the obvious, I been feeling really down about my hair. Before I went natural I did what most transistioners on. I looked at hair pictures day in and day out and hoped for my hair to be as curly as the next natural.

Well I see why it isn't good to do that. When I first chopped like always I couldn't get a curl. Then I went out and brought ECO styling gel, You know, the olive oil one every one swears by.
After co-washing I would throw that all threw my hair and watch it dry and curl up. As of lately that gel has not been working for me as easy as before and that damn gel has been flaky and leaving all kinds of white residue all in my hair and I HATE that.

So I got fed up and not to mention I don't want my money being spent in the direction of hair products nor am I trying to run out of space to store my products so I don't buy a lot of them. Since being natural (doing my big chop on feb 1st.) I brought seven products and two of those seven I brought today. The average girl would probably has twice as much LOL.

Anyhow my hair when wet doesn't really show any wave or curly but the ends do curls at certain sections. But Boy OH Boy when I throw that conditioner in, Babyyy I get curls galore. But I think any hair type would curl up with conditioner in it, Right? Anyway.

I go to work wearing a hat, I go out wearing a hat, and when I'm going out out, I wear a wig.
I cant get my hair to look moisturized, It doesn't curl up with just applying gel, and it seems like I can only get a curl when I finger curl and my, might I say I don't feel to do that too often.

Where's my confidence? I thought I was going to be ready to bust out the door and be feeling myself. LOL But, no it hasn't happened yet. However I still have time. I haven't brought any hair accessories or did eye shadow or anything so...Pray for me. Until next time. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

*****LATE POST*****

Wow it's been a complete month since my last post and soooo much has changed. Well, well, well where do I start. On Feb 1st I decided enough was enough.

Flash Forward:

I came home from work with the intentions of washing my hair. I jumped in the shower lathered up my hair with conditioner and ended up getting up. Wrapped in my towel, hair full of conditioner I looked in the mirror grabbed the scissors and cut the right side of my hair.

Then I just kept going and going. Once the front was all cut and I cut as much as I could in the back I called out my fiance to help me finish the rest and he was full of excited shock. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Problem solved? I hope so

So a few days ago, I took to my Holy Hair Bible... 
I was so confused and torn between making the best decision for my hair.

Well long story short I am truly happy I went there with all the questions I had. I posted a blog post on my page about how I was told I would lose my hair if I long term transitioned to natural hair. 

So many people. Everyone that commented made sure they let me know that, that was a load of crap and that I wouldn't lose my hair, I just have to pay close attention to the front part of my hair. 

Next weekend I will be purchasing my products that I'm hoping will agree with my hair.

Shea Moisture shampoo
Shea Moisture conditioner
Not sure what DC I want to use yet. Homemade or store brought
It's a 10 leave in spray
Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Creme for styling
I have coconut oil which I will seal my moisture with which will be ORS Hair Lotion.

So hopefully this all works for me. I hope Aug 2013 doesn't take long to come and I hope I can maintain my hair well enough to last that long. Wish me luck :)

Until next time ladies!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Confessions of a Transistioner

I wrote this in the notepad of my phone awhile ago and at first I wasn't going to post but then I realized that It would be human to show the frustration of a transitioning girl. Besides, I know there is other females out there that feel the same. So here is my shameless post showing someone else that they aren't the only ones feeling this way, Enjoy :)

Frustration has to be the most correct word for how I currently feel. When I decided to no longer perm my hair. I didn't think styling would be so much of a problem.  Not this early anyway.

 The only thing that looks good is a wash and blow out. Nothing looks right not twist outs, braid outs, roller sets, nothing. I haven't tired flexi rods or cold rod sets or straw sets as of yet, but I'm pretty confident that they won't look to hot either.

Maybe the next set I try I'll do it on hair that is blow dried and then use a setting lotion or spray to get the job done. Who knows maybe that will really work for me. I mean after all something HAS to work. Right? :/ My new growth is growing upwards causing all desired styles to stick straight up.

On second thought maybe a wet set will do the job. I'll just be in the drying process for half the day, it's pretty hard getting my hair to air dry on rollers. I've never had such a problem styling my hair before and the frustration is leading me to want cut all my hair off, but I think having no length would drive me even more insane.  No length, no style, feeling ugly,  depressed. A part of me wants to go back to relaxer but that part is only like 3% to me its too late to turn back now.

Besides i'll be going back to losing my hair and another underprocessed job thinning hair and so much more:/ I really want to chop all 10 inches of my relaxed ends I swear. But getting used to having no hair styling for at least 6 months to a year I'm not okay with that. Yes DUH I know eventually it will grow but, ain't nobody got time to be feeling, not like themselves.

All the power to the woman that can chop it and go. I don't have that confidence. Shoot, I'm still trying to get to myself with no extensions and this is no easy road.  My hair (no weave) gives me no life. Maybe I can get a sew in until my hair is long enough to braid and then big chop. (Evil grin) resulting to more sew ins until I am comfortable with my growth. :(  I don't know, I don't know, I just Don't Know.

You have been tuned into. The confessions of a frustrated transistioner.

The Whole Truth and Nothing But

So you all remember my last post, right? You know the one where I was super pumped about cutting my hair into a tapered cut. Yea that one.
Well I got super nervous and I discouraged myself from getting the cut.

Ok now time for the whole truth and nothing but. I know that everyone's mane is different. It will grow different, look different, feel different and so much more. Well, my last perm was sometime in August and at this point I hope I'm right because for some reason I feel like I might be unsure. 
What I do remember is that I had a perm at the salon and some time later after deciding not to go back there I let my mom (who always does it) perm my hair. I want to believe it was in August because the next time I went to the salon. (Dominicans this time). I did have new growth and I had gotten my hair blown out and I was shocked at the length I had.

Anyway, I saw a picture of a girl who was transitioning and man, her new growth was a good 4-5 inches at 5 months post relaxer. And I'm looking at my 2 inches like WTF.

Since I cut my hair pixie style last June, I felt like my hair had been growing slow. Then It was re-cut once I hit chin length because I was told it was uneven. Then at another salon it was cut again ( a trim) but, heck it was still a cut.

Now seeing my new growth at 2 inches and seeing her's has me like, what's going on with my mane. So anyway back to the cut. I don't want to cut my hair off into the beautiful tapered style that I love so much because.
Reason 1: I am terrified at cutting my hair that short and hating it, Just like what happened to me last year.
Reason 2: And this is the honest truth. Looking at my new growth which is barely there in the back. I realized I had no curl nor wave going on in the back and edges of my hair and I freaked the freak out. As much as people want to act like a curl pattern/some type of new growth doesn't matter - IT DOES. Anyway. I don't mind if I don't have a pattern back there if I can twist and manipulate my hair to form a curl/style. But I refuse to just have the back of my hair looking boring while the front is looking good. NOT GOIN' HAPPEN.

Anyway., the salon I wanted to go got bad reviews for cuts which also aided to my setback. I am too scared to do something so drastic not to mention paying my money for something that's going to take way to long to grow and get use to.

Kill me if you don't like my truth but it's the realist thing I can give you. I don't so much care about curls like it may be coming across in this article because I truly loveeeee fros and I love twist outs and braids and everything else over a wash and go (which usually only looks good and stays good on certain hair types) 

It's just about MY preference because it's of course MY hair. I gotta do what I gotta do for me and my hair.
So at this point I am returning back to my long term transition until the summer.

Last Relaxer: Some time in Aug 2012
Planned transition time:  8-12 months

Photo Credit:Google
Woman: Amara
This is my dream fro. I love the shape and size.