Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breakage Vs. Shedding

For a long while my hair has been coming out like crazy in my comb. I haven't brushed my hair in a while and only use a toothbrush on my edge hairs :) I know that it is because of two things: I am 13 weeks post and under-processed. I normally always stretch my relaxers so I know for a fact the texlax isn't working for me.

I was going to relax next week because I am so fed up with the state of my hair but I don't want to rush into it. I normally go a whole three months without a relaxer (Usually my hair is sew up with an extension style.) For a long while I was just looking at my hair falling all over my shoulders and covering my sink wondering, what am I doing wrong?

Finally I took my self to my desktop and started a full day of hair research. I went from top to bottom on damaged hair because obviously my hair is damaged. I found a post on Black Hair Science that was solely on shedding and breaking hair Click here to read the article and then, it also featured a post on how to determine the condition of your hair and what it needs. You can click Here for Hair Breakage 101 to get the information that your hair might need. 

So now I know what I need to target. With one tug on my hair strain it popped immediately. I felt terrible but hair care is about trail and error. So now I plan on adding more moisture into my weekly routine and buying different products because the ones I am currently using aren't working for me sadly.

So my next step is to take my hard earned pay-check and splurge on tons of hair products, LOL. All my bills and expenses are out the way so I might as well if I want healthy hair right? I usually don't like to order certain things offline because I hate waiting but on the  Best Beauty Supply Store ever B.K.A Sams beauty supply, they have a great deal of everything your looking for and the products are usually cheaper than in my local BBS and they have more stuff than the supply stores by me. I am opting on buying some products from there and will defiantly keep you ladies updated on that.

Have you ever had to sit back and see what you were doing wrong to your hair? Did you correct it and see a change, How do you feel since you've made a change? Have you ordered anything from How do you like their service? Share I would love to know.

Thanks for Reading :) 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome Me, Welcome You

Hello all, I am just a girl on a trail to healthy relaxed hair. My blog will be about everything pertaining to hair, a little of my life and my obsession with nails, nail art and nail polish. My focus is to get others to want to take better care of their hair today and also get others to teach me a thing or two. As knowledge is an on going thing , you never know it all. First off let me say I've been relaxed for 10 years.

 Although I can't really compare it to being natural because I haven't been natural for a while, I do know I love my relaxed hair and the versatility I can achieve just like many others. I do not judge any one by their hair and I love all hair types, textures, colors and the works. Come with me, read my post, pick up on some things you might have never known and share things you do know. As it was said "Hair is a woman's Glory." So ladies let go and bash in it :) 

From one Hair Sister to all the rest. I hope you all Enjoy! 

Photo courtesy of Google