Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Hair Goals

It's best to know what you would like to do to promotee healthy hair. This is a little 411 on my hair.

My hair is dry&damaged

The front of my hair is damaged from the following:

•heat damage (consistent f.iron)

•color damage fr bleach

•consistent touch ups

•leaving hair dry no TLC

•I have lots of breakage&shedding
I need to constantly deep co my hair and do protein treatments. Hot oil treatments as well.
I need to find a balance between protein&hot oil treatments and keeping my hair moisturized.

••Must add beneficial products to my hair routine like : Shampoos and Conditioners that are natural.

••Add oil (natural growth stimulating oils) to my routine. Ex:shampoo with essential oils in it. Adding oils to my co-wash conditioner and to my deep co's.

••Finding a good deep co that works and feels good and an awesome leave in conditioner.

••Purchase an alternative water-based moisturizer to the ORS.

••Seal with an essential oil that promotes hair growth.

••Purchase oils & products. Focus on repairing my hair before looking for growth to assure that my hair is healthy before I start to retain length. 

••Try to pre-poo with coconut oil. Works better at moving through strains to roots on dry hair.

Moisturize and Se
Retain length
Retain thick strong hair
Reach Mid-back length

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