Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hair I Go

So as planned I didn't leave my sew-in, in for two months. Why? you wonder. well my hair is very complicated  The longer my hair is left in a sew-in my leave out starts to become brittle and my edges get rough. Each time I touch it, my little hairs come out in my hand (Not Cute.) I deep conditioned as much as I could but I didn't feel confident in the results.

So to keep the hair I have I decided to take the sew-in down and do a full wash.

I washed my hair with a Shampoo for dry, damaged hair.
I also did a protein treatment. A deep condition on dry hair (before I washed)
and I did my favorite thing ever, which was use my Hello Hydration conditioner.

That conditioner gives your hair the right amount of slip, leaves hair soft while detangling and soft after it is all rinsed out. Can't beat that.

Now something I wanted to share since I got my sew in done, I've been so anxious to share so here it is:

Yes! You heard me right. And No. I am not following a trend. I am basically doing what is best for my hair, hair needs, and life style.

A little bit about my transition. Last year April I found out that I would be a mom in 8 months :)
 I said you know what, I've been thinking about being a natural for 3 years or more now, reaching out, doing natural styles to my hair for as long as I could remember. Curly styles using flexi rods and bantu knots when I was in the mood twist out styles. Blowing my hair out to it get big for a big bun or ponytail. It was evident I liked the styling of natural hair. After finding out it would be best to not perm my hair while pregnant I said Ok I'm done with perms.

And then I realized. I had no idea what natural hair was about. I knew no natural hair stylist or anyone who could help me along the way I got discouraged. I went perm free from April 2011 to January 2012. I permed my hair because of lack of knowledge.
Smh I was 8 months in :/

But it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to do it. During this year and the summer of last year I run into a lot of problems with the work of salon professionals. I started doing my own research in order to get my hair to a healthy state. The more I read the more I learned.

A few months ago I decided to write down the state that my hair has been in for the last 10 years. The more I wrote the more I realized that perms could be one of the reasons I've seen no hair growth past the length of my first relaxer, why my edges and nape continuously fell out after I got a perm, and why my hair was just overall, UNHEALTHY.

I've seen my hair fall out over and over again and never thought to myself that my relaxing could be the issue until I thought about it all. One side of my hair is soooo thin. The same side that the relaxer would never take. There is so much in connection with perming my hair that I never sat down and thought about before.

So because I want to keep my hair, because I want edges and nape area hair so that I could wear my hair in a ponytail. Because I want the front of my hair to be all one length instead of short hairs everywhere and balding areas. It's best to leave my hair alone and go natural. leaving out one at least one chemical step, because I love to rinse my hair black. (natural hair light brown.)

So going natural for me isn't an impulse move, it isn't a jump on the bandwagon.

It's what's best for me, my happiness, and MY HAIR.

What pushed your decision to go natural? If any. I would love to hear.

Hope you all enjoyed this one and until next time.

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