Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Up Right Now

Hello Everyone, On the 14th of November I got a sew in YAYY!
OK, so at first I wasn't too happy about the idea because in the past my sew in's turned out to be my worse nightmare. My braids were getting too tight over the years of sewing in causing my scalp to become so sore and sensitive. Last year August after getting a sew in at a salon I swore off sew in's all together. I cried when I got home after doing my hair. I cried before I went to bed, I took tons of headache relief pills. It was the worst, it was so tight that two weeks after paying $150 I had to take it out. I couldn't deal with it.

However my sister is usually the person who does my sew in's for me but after a while she would give me trouble to actually want to weave my hair. Now that she is currently in hair school(cosmetology), she came to me all excited and said "let me weave your hair, I want to cut it in long layers' and blah, blah, blah. She was so excited and I support her so I gave in and told her sure.

I have an off center part and my hair is currently bone straight. My extensions are from an Atlanta based Company called GlamHead and it is virgin hair, that I purchased months ago that are doing very well still. She listened and didn't braid or sew it in tightly I am so happy. I went home without a headache and I didn't need pills to help the pain. But my hair came out great. I love it!

I was suppose to have my telax corrected but when I washed my hair a week before I was due for the salon I realized parts of my hair has no new growth/very little new growth and I am just too scared to go and end up getting my hair over-processed. Boy! I tell ya' if it ain't one thing it's the next. So I skipped the corrector, and I also learned how to manage my new growth that is very present at the front of my hair. So during my sew in I'll be taking care of my hair, as well as knowing how to handle it when I take it down weeks from now.

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