Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Hair Info

When I decided I wanted to take better care of my hair after watching  ULoveMegz  hair care videos on Youtube I joined a hair care website to better inform myself and to be among others who shared the same interest as me. HAIRLISTA INC became my best friend. I was on the site day in and night out. Recently I went on and was sooooo pleased to find a newly added feature to the website that was created and is ran by the lovely owner, Sunshine. There is a link to all the things you need to know for a healthy hair journey and the newest feature is this Top 10 Products for Relaxed Hair which I find to be so very helpful. 

So if you've never heard of a hair site before check out hairlista and a few others (goggle hair forums) and if your interested in knowing what works for your hair click the link above. And for my natural ladies. Sunshine didn't forget about you Dolls either :) The natural top 10 products are Here

Hope someone finds this post helpful. 

As always, Thanks for reading :)

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