Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome Me, Welcome You

Hello all, I am just a girl on a trail to healthy relaxed hair. My blog will be about everything pertaining to hair, a little of my life and my obsession with nails, nail art and nail polish. My focus is to get others to want to take better care of their hair today and also get others to teach me a thing or two. As knowledge is an on going thing , you never know it all. First off let me say I've been relaxed for 10 years.

 Although I can't really compare it to being natural because I haven't been natural for a while, I do know I love my relaxed hair and the versatility I can achieve just like many others. I do not judge any one by their hair and I love all hair types, textures, colors and the works. Come with me, read my post, pick up on some things you might have never known and share things you do know. As it was said "Hair is a woman's Glory." So ladies let go and bash in it :) 

From one Hair Sister to all the rest. I hope you all Enjoy! 

Photo courtesy of Google 

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