Friday, November 16, 2012

Current Hair Routine

Today I'm going to post my current Hair Routine I have thought out for myself. Because I now know it's best to search around and give products a try and see how my hair reacts to them, I will do just that. But I wasn't in a rush to run out and buy all new products when I found out about hair journey's because I had some many products, some still unused that I never gave a try so I decided to just use up what I have and make a wishlist for all the products I want/need in the future. So today I'm sharing the jist of what my weekly hair routine consist of. 

Without naming products I basically:
~ Co wash every wk. On this day I would
*co wash (wash my hair with condition about 2-3 times)
*after the co-wash I would use the ORS Replenishing Pak to deep condition. My hair loves this stuff :)
*after rinsing I apply Aphogee Green Tea and __ Reconstructier to my hair (slighty damp)
* use a couple of pumps of the Organix Coconut Milk all over my hair ends to root
*vowing not to use heat. I have been air-drying but with my hair in a ponytail to smooth it out(texlax issues) 

I moisturizer and seal my hair every other night because using a little of both isn't enough and using the right amount leaves my hair feeling weighed down. But by the second day my hair is fully dehydrated so I moist and seal again. I only wash with a shampoo once a month because the shampoo I have strips my hair and makes it so hard. The product amount is almost done.

So I will be moving right along to a better shampoo, while tweaking my routine a bit. I can't tell how my hair is reacting to any products a side from the co-wash conditioner that I use that leaves my hair so soft and the ORS Pak that gives me the manageability I need to work with the unprocessed hairs I have. I don't know what my hair really reacts like to the other products since after it air dries it just goes crazy. LOL And I don't straighten my hair often. 

But in due time things will get better with my hair. Share your routines with me, I love to know what other ladies are using to keep their hair strong, healthy and beautiful. I love, love feedback so let's get the chatting. Healthy Hair Caring :)

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