Friday, November 16, 2012

A little about my Hair.

Before I go picture crazy and post all my hair's ups and downs let me give you ladies an update about what's going on with me and my Mane ;) So a few months I went to the salon, something I haven't done in years. After having my son last year, I was relaxer free for almost year (did not want to put any chemicals into my hair during my pregnancy.) So I went to a salon to have my hair professionally relaxed since my new growth was Booming!

That story is so long I would have to direct you to my personal blog so that you can read my rank if your interested. Needless to say. I went off. It was one unwanted thing after the other. But because I always ended up liking my styles I stuck it out for a few months. However after I found out I was bleached when in all it was suppose to be a dye job, I finally decided enough was enough and I walked away realizing exactly why I stop doing salon treatments in the first place. 

My hair was texlaxed/under-processed by the women who was doing my hair. I know for a fact from the moment she washed my hair out and saw the frizzy ends she knew she had not fully relaxed my hair. However she didn't tell me about the under-processed job (probably wanting me to come back and spend my money with her.) So for months I was texlaxed/under-processed and had no idea. Finally one day on wash day she told me what she had done. And never did she mention it could be reversed.

Long story short my hair is currently texlaxed and I am not a happy camper. Since I recently found out about the texlax I have been doing lots of research to find the pros and cons of a texlax and how can it help me.
Last year June I got fed up with the lack of growth I was getting (before I knew about the important things that should be done for healthy hair.) I cut my hair off into a pixie cut. It came out terrible and I ended up wearing weaves up until the time I got my relaxer/texlax. My hair is now touching the top of my shoulder blazes. And 'Hair' is where I will grow and not look back. I promise myself to only get a professional relaxer at the Dominican hair salon that's by me. 

While treating and giving my hair the TLC it needs at home. So join me on my journey to healthy, healthy hair growth.

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