Wednesday, December 26, 2012

To cut or Not to cut, That is the question

Been getting short hair gitters for about 3 weeks now. I'm going back and forth and weighing the pros and cons on doing the big chop* now meaning the next few weeks or later which would be in august at 10 months post relaxer* 

Reasons for wanting to big chop now. Aside from getting really anxious and just wanting to start the other long journey of dealing with natural hair. I'm having a hard time working the two textures newly unrelaxed hair and relaxed ends. ALREADY.
The easiest thing for me to do is wear my hair up. Braid outs and twist and even knots outs end up looking like the wind blew my hair. And not in a good way. I'm guessing the hair that's growing from my roots grow upwards because my hair never comes out just laying down. Even when I did my Curlfomers. The curls came out Lovely! but I couldn't leave my hair that way because I look like Medusa. SMH

This long term transition seems like it's going to be cut short. I love the style I want to go for but the more I think I'm wondering how it will play out if I left a bit of relaxed ends for styling purposes.
I know either way if I do the chop now or later, I'm going to have that awkward phase where my hair is too short for anything only thing with the styled cut is, it's going to be growing in three different layer/lengths. Which i'm kind of okay with. Once it get's fugly I'll just turn to my trusty sew in which never fails me.

Uggh I wish I had more feedback on this blog because I really need some help right now.

But it feels good to get this out in writing at least it won't be dancing around in my head some much. I hope. Anyways. Hair's the style :) 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hair I Go

So as planned I didn't leave my sew-in, in for two months. Why? you wonder. well my hair is very complicated  The longer my hair is left in a sew-in my leave out starts to become brittle and my edges get rough. Each time I touch it, my little hairs come out in my hand (Not Cute.) I deep conditioned as much as I could but I didn't feel confident in the results.

So to keep the hair I have I decided to take the sew-in down and do a full wash.

I washed my hair with a Shampoo for dry, damaged hair.
I also did a protein treatment. A deep condition on dry hair (before I washed)
and I did my favorite thing ever, which was use my Hello Hydration conditioner.

That conditioner gives your hair the right amount of slip, leaves hair soft while detangling and soft after it is all rinsed out. Can't beat that.

Now something I wanted to share since I got my sew in done, I've been so anxious to share so here it is:

Yes! You heard me right. And No. I am not following a trend. I am basically doing what is best for my hair, hair needs, and life style.

A little bit about my transition. Last year April I found out that I would be a mom in 8 months :)
 I said you know what, I've been thinking about being a natural for 3 years or more now, reaching out, doing natural styles to my hair for as long as I could remember. Curly styles using flexi rods and bantu knots when I was in the mood twist out styles. Blowing my hair out to it get big for a big bun or ponytail. It was evident I liked the styling of natural hair. After finding out it would be best to not perm my hair while pregnant I said Ok I'm done with perms.

And then I realized. I had no idea what natural hair was about. I knew no natural hair stylist or anyone who could help me along the way I got discouraged. I went perm free from April 2011 to January 2012. I permed my hair because of lack of knowledge.
Smh I was 8 months in :/

But it was always in the back of my mind that I wanted to do it. During this year and the summer of last year I run into a lot of problems with the work of salon professionals. I started doing my own research in order to get my hair to a healthy state. The more I read the more I learned.

A few months ago I decided to write down the state that my hair has been in for the last 10 years. The more I wrote the more I realized that perms could be one of the reasons I've seen no hair growth past the length of my first relaxer, why my edges and nape continuously fell out after I got a perm, and why my hair was just overall, UNHEALTHY.

I've seen my hair fall out over and over again and never thought to myself that my relaxing could be the issue until I thought about it all. One side of my hair is soooo thin. The same side that the relaxer would never take. There is so much in connection with perming my hair that I never sat down and thought about before.

So because I want to keep my hair, because I want edges and nape area hair so that I could wear my hair in a ponytail. Because I want the front of my hair to be all one length instead of short hairs everywhere and balding areas. It's best to leave my hair alone and go natural. leaving out one at least one chemical step, because I love to rinse my hair black. (natural hair light brown.)

So going natural for me isn't an impulse move, it isn't a jump on the bandwagon.

It's what's best for me, my happiness, and MY HAIR.

What pushed your decision to go natural? If any. I would love to hear.

Hope you all enjoyed this one and until next time.

My Hair Goals

It's best to know what you would like to do to promotee healthy hair. This is a little 411 on my hair.

My hair is dry&damaged

The front of my hair is damaged from the following:

•heat damage (consistent f.iron)

•color damage fr bleach

•consistent touch ups

•leaving hair dry no TLC

•I have lots of breakage&shedding
I need to constantly deep co my hair and do protein treatments. Hot oil treatments as well.
I need to find a balance between protein&hot oil treatments and keeping my hair moisturized.

••Must add beneficial products to my hair routine like : Shampoos and Conditioners that are natural.

••Add oil (natural growth stimulating oils) to my routine. Ex:shampoo with essential oils in it. Adding oils to my co-wash conditioner and to my deep co's.

••Finding a good deep co that works and feels good and an awesome leave in conditioner.

••Purchase an alternative water-based moisturizer to the ORS.

••Seal with an essential oil that promotes hair growth.

••Purchase oils & products. Focus on repairing my hair before looking for growth to assure that my hair is healthy before I start to retain length. 

••Try to pre-poo with coconut oil. Works better at moving through strains to roots on dry hair.

Moisturize and Se
Retain length
Retain thick strong hair
Reach Mid-back length

Friday, November 16, 2012

What's Up Right Now

Hello Everyone, On the 14th of November I got a sew in YAYY!
OK, so at first I wasn't too happy about the idea because in the past my sew in's turned out to be my worse nightmare. My braids were getting too tight over the years of sewing in causing my scalp to become so sore and sensitive. Last year August after getting a sew in at a salon I swore off sew in's all together. I cried when I got home after doing my hair. I cried before I went to bed, I took tons of headache relief pills. It was the worst, it was so tight that two weeks after paying $150 I had to take it out. I couldn't deal with it.

However my sister is usually the person who does my sew in's for me but after a while she would give me trouble to actually want to weave my hair. Now that she is currently in hair school(cosmetology), she came to me all excited and said "let me weave your hair, I want to cut it in long layers' and blah, blah, blah. She was so excited and I support her so I gave in and told her sure.

I have an off center part and my hair is currently bone straight. My extensions are from an Atlanta based Company called GlamHead and it is virgin hair, that I purchased months ago that are doing very well still. She listened and didn't braid or sew it in tightly I am so happy. I went home without a headache and I didn't need pills to help the pain. But my hair came out great. I love it!

I was suppose to have my telax corrected but when I washed my hair a week before I was due for the salon I realized parts of my hair has no new growth/very little new growth and I am just too scared to go and end up getting my hair over-processed. Boy! I tell ya' if it ain't one thing it's the next. So I skipped the corrector, and I also learned how to manage my new growth that is very present at the front of my hair. So during my sew in I'll be taking care of my hair, as well as knowing how to handle it when I take it down weeks from now.


Hi everyone. So I woke up thinking about goals for my hair. This post is going to be very informative so I want to start with the basics (in my opinion) for starting a healthy hair journey.

First things first. Normally I would say DO YOUR RESEARCH. But I think it would be more beneficial in the long run to know what your searching for. So let's get right to it

1. Find out what's wrong with your hair. If nothing's wrong write down what you want to focus on during your journey. Get a book just for your hair. Or make a Note in your phone.

  2. Once you know what you want for your hair. Then, do your research. Ex. I have dry hair, I need more protein or more moisture, I have heat damage, etc.

3. Make a wish list of the products you would like to try. Try to keep it to, two products for each department. Ex. Two products for shampoo, two for conditioner, two for leave in conditioners and so forth. This way you don't go over board and spend a ton a money all the while becoming a product junkie.

4. The relationship between your wishlist and research is that, If you know what your hair needs it will help you in moving towards the products for your hair needs.

5. Take a few months to tackle what you want to repair or improve. Nothings happens over night. (Only plastic surgery) LOL. Anyhow. Get you trail and error on with your chosen products and making your hair look better than before.

6. Once you've been working on remodel and repair, turning that hair frown upside down.

7. Then you would focus on your hair length goal. because it's better to focus on getting healthy hair before getting that sexy length you've been longing for.

8. Lastly you would Retain your length and everything you've worked so hard on to get your hair looking better than the best.

I will be posting my hair repairs and goals soon so stay tune.

So I hope this helps someone out there. If there's any steps you feel should be added feel free to leave them below.
As always, Thanks For Reading :)

Little Hair Info

When I decided I wanted to take better care of my hair after watching  ULoveMegz  hair care videos on Youtube I joined a hair care website to better inform myself and to be among others who shared the same interest as me. HAIRLISTA INC became my best friend. I was on the site day in and night out. Recently I went on and was sooooo pleased to find a newly added feature to the website that was created and is ran by the lovely owner, Sunshine. There is a link to all the things you need to know for a healthy hair journey and the newest feature is this Top 10 Products for Relaxed Hair which I find to be so very helpful. 

So if you've never heard of a hair site before check out hairlista and a few others (goggle hair forums) and if your interested in knowing what works for your hair click the link above. And for my natural ladies. Sunshine didn't forget about you Dolls either :) The natural top 10 products are Here

Hope someone finds this post helpful. 

As always, Thanks for reading :)

Current Hair Routine

Today I'm going to post my current Hair Routine I have thought out for myself. Because I now know it's best to search around and give products a try and see how my hair reacts to them, I will do just that. But I wasn't in a rush to run out and buy all new products when I found out about hair journey's because I had some many products, some still unused that I never gave a try so I decided to just use up what I have and make a wishlist for all the products I want/need in the future. So today I'm sharing the jist of what my weekly hair routine consist of. 

Without naming products I basically:
~ Co wash every wk. On this day I would
*co wash (wash my hair with condition about 2-3 times)
*after the co-wash I would use the ORS Replenishing Pak to deep condition. My hair loves this stuff :)
*after rinsing I apply Aphogee Green Tea and __ Reconstructier to my hair (slighty damp)
* use a couple of pumps of the Organix Coconut Milk all over my hair ends to root
*vowing not to use heat. I have been air-drying but with my hair in a ponytail to smooth it out(texlax issues) 

I moisturizer and seal my hair every other night because using a little of both isn't enough and using the right amount leaves my hair feeling weighed down. But by the second day my hair is fully dehydrated so I moist and seal again. I only wash with a shampoo once a month because the shampoo I have strips my hair and makes it so hard. The product amount is almost done.

So I will be moving right along to a better shampoo, while tweaking my routine a bit. I can't tell how my hair is reacting to any products a side from the co-wash conditioner that I use that leaves my hair so soft and the ORS Pak that gives me the manageability I need to work with the unprocessed hairs I have. I don't know what my hair really reacts like to the other products since after it air dries it just goes crazy. LOL And I don't straighten my hair often. 

But in due time things will get better with my hair. Share your routines with me, I love to know what other ladies are using to keep their hair strong, healthy and beautiful. I love, love feedback so let's get the chatting. Healthy Hair Caring :)

A little about my Hair.

Before I go picture crazy and post all my hair's ups and downs let me give you ladies an update about what's going on with me and my Mane ;) So a few months I went to the salon, something I haven't done in years. After having my son last year, I was relaxer free for almost year (did not want to put any chemicals into my hair during my pregnancy.) So I went to a salon to have my hair professionally relaxed since my new growth was Booming!

That story is so long I would have to direct you to my personal blog so that you can read my rank if your interested. Needless to say. I went off. It was one unwanted thing after the other. But because I always ended up liking my styles I stuck it out for a few months. However after I found out I was bleached when in all it was suppose to be a dye job, I finally decided enough was enough and I walked away realizing exactly why I stop doing salon treatments in the first place. 

My hair was texlaxed/under-processed by the women who was doing my hair. I know for a fact from the moment she washed my hair out and saw the frizzy ends she knew she had not fully relaxed my hair. However she didn't tell me about the under-processed job (probably wanting me to come back and spend my money with her.) So for months I was texlaxed/under-processed and had no idea. Finally one day on wash day she told me what she had done. And never did she mention it could be reversed.

Long story short my hair is currently texlaxed and I am not a happy camper. Since I recently found out about the texlax I have been doing lots of research to find the pros and cons of a texlax and how can it help me.
Last year June I got fed up with the lack of growth I was getting (before I knew about the important things that should be done for healthy hair.) I cut my hair off into a pixie cut. It came out terrible and I ended up wearing weaves up until the time I got my relaxer/texlax. My hair is now touching the top of my shoulder blazes. And 'Hair' is where I will grow and not look back. I promise myself to only get a professional relaxer at the Dominican hair salon that's by me. 

While treating and giving my hair the TLC it needs at home. So join me on my journey to healthy, healthy hair growth.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breakage Vs. Shedding

For a long while my hair has been coming out like crazy in my comb. I haven't brushed my hair in a while and only use a toothbrush on my edge hairs :) I know that it is because of two things: I am 13 weeks post and under-processed. I normally always stretch my relaxers so I know for a fact the texlax isn't working for me.

I was going to relax next week because I am so fed up with the state of my hair but I don't want to rush into it. I normally go a whole three months without a relaxer (Usually my hair is sew up with an extension style.) For a long while I was just looking at my hair falling all over my shoulders and covering my sink wondering, what am I doing wrong?

Finally I took my self to my desktop and started a full day of hair research. I went from top to bottom on damaged hair because obviously my hair is damaged. I found a post on Black Hair Science that was solely on shedding and breaking hair Click here to read the article and then, it also featured a post on how to determine the condition of your hair and what it needs. You can click Here for Hair Breakage 101 to get the information that your hair might need. 

So now I know what I need to target. With one tug on my hair strain it popped immediately. I felt terrible but hair care is about trail and error. So now I plan on adding more moisture into my weekly routine and buying different products because the ones I am currently using aren't working for me sadly.

So my next step is to take my hard earned pay-check and splurge on tons of hair products, LOL. All my bills and expenses are out the way so I might as well if I want healthy hair right? I usually don't like to order certain things offline because I hate waiting but on the  Best Beauty Supply Store ever B.K.A Sams beauty supply, they have a great deal of everything your looking for and the products are usually cheaper than in my local BBS and they have more stuff than the supply stores by me. I am opting on buying some products from there and will defiantly keep you ladies updated on that.

Have you ever had to sit back and see what you were doing wrong to your hair? Did you correct it and see a change, How do you feel since you've made a change? Have you ordered anything from How do you like their service? Share I would love to know.

Thanks for Reading :) 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome Me, Welcome You

Hello all, I am just a girl on a trail to healthy relaxed hair. My blog will be about everything pertaining to hair, a little of my life and my obsession with nails, nail art and nail polish. My focus is to get others to want to take better care of their hair today and also get others to teach me a thing or two. As knowledge is an on going thing , you never know it all. First off let me say I've been relaxed for 10 years.

 Although I can't really compare it to being natural because I haven't been natural for a while, I do know I love my relaxed hair and the versatility I can achieve just like many others. I do not judge any one by their hair and I love all hair types, textures, colors and the works. Come with me, read my post, pick up on some things you might have never known and share things you do know. As it was said "Hair is a woman's Glory." So ladies let go and bash in it :) 

From one Hair Sister to all the rest. I hope you all Enjoy! 

Photo courtesy of Google